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Cap City Band is an event and wedding band serving all Texas markets - Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and beyond. Our song catalog includes a wide variety of pop, dance, Motown, country and today's top 40. We're fully insured and are quick to reply with availability and free rate quotes!

6 Tips to Pack the Dance Floor with your Wedding Band

One of the most crucial points in wedding planning is making sure your wedding band or entertainment can keep guests out of their seats & on the dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG! Here are 6 wedding musts to be sure to pack the floor:


1. Trust Your Wedding Entertainment 

One factor that makes a great wedding band is experience and you need to have confidence that your entertainment (and emcee) have enough events under their belt to know how to navigate all parts of your wedding reception! From first dance to sendoff your wedding band should have a detailed timeline and the ability to execute all your customizations with the perfect flow.

2. Bride And Groom should be on the floor

This is your dream day & it should be every bit of fun as you imagined it would be! Your wedding guests will follow your lead & if they see the bride & groom tearing it up on the dance floor, you best believe your guests will be right by your side! 

3. Dance Floor Plan

In the wedding planning process, make sure to develop a seating chart that takes the space for the dance floor in consideration. A dance floor too big can leave it looking empty while a dance floor to small can be just as bad! Plan to make it just right! 

4. Ditch the stilettos 

Be kind to your girls feet & consider a basket of flip flops of an assortment of sizes for all the female wedding guests to take a break from that runway life! 

5. The Bar is the Dance Floors best friend

Drinks, drinks & more drinks! When mapping out your wedding layout, be certain that the bar is conveniently placed by the dance floor. The more drinks, the more you can bet that your "Uncle Stan" have the confidence he needs to bust-a-move on the dance floor. This is a wedding MUST! 

6. Consider the Grandparents

Make sure to slow it down musically every once in a while so older guests can enjoy some time on the dance floor as well! Some of your friends and family might feel more comfortable dancing with their dates to some ballads & you can guarantee a couple skate here & there will fill the dance floor every time! 

6 Tips To Pack the Dance Floor for your Wedding